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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Trump Pursues Weapons Deals With Totalitarian Communist Regime

Source: Bloomberg

It's never been about principles. Politicians like to grandstand about spreading 'democracy' and 'freedom', and protecting 'human rights' but that's never their MO; only naive morons believe them. Nothing about the big lie has changed under the Trump admin. We still have a president that pays lip service to the ideas of 'freedom' and 'democracy' and all that other hurrah while gladhanding foreign dictators and repressive police states that are partial to U.S. business interests, allowing U.S. industries, particularly energy and defense, to expand into foreign markets. The only difference now is that the president is completely transparent about it (Trump doesn't have a filter). During his 2 week Asia Tour, Trump basically went to the APEC conference in Vietnam as an outside salesman for the defense industry. Obama lifted the arms embargo on Vietnam last year, but the communist regime still buys its weapons from Russia. Yet, Trump sought to capitalize on the thawing relations between the two governments by asking them to buy military equipment from the U.S. and overseeing the signing of two memorandums of understanding between Vietnam's state owned gas company, PetroVietnam Gas, AES Corp and Alaska Gasline Development Corp.

Under the agreement signed in Hanoi, AES will work with PV Gas on its Son My liquefied natural gas terminal project in Binh Thuan Province, in southern Vietnam.....Alaska Gasline Development and PV Gas, meanwhile, have agreed to cooperate in LNG supply and upstream investment, opening the door for the U.S. company to sell liquefied natural gas to Vietnam.

As I noted last year, the U.S. already gives the communist regime $122M in foreign aid annually. If the sycophants in Washington cared about 'freedom' and 'human rights', as they pretend to when it comes to other countries, then they could at the very least make not throwing bloggers in prison for thought crimes against the regime a condition of receiving foreign aid. They could use their enormous economic leverage to put a gradual end to the state's slave labor camps and allow fair elections, but we all know what their real agenda is.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Four Dictatorships And Despotic Regimes Supported By Washington

As every rank and file neocon will tell you, their wars spread freedom and democracy abroad (while oddly crushing it at home) and protect U.S. interests (by which they mean corporate interests). If by freedom they mean the freedom of military contractors to plunder the tax cattle through congress, the federal government's 'freedom' to trample on your natural rights, and if by democracy, they mean voting for a corporate puppet every two years, then they are right. But if we are using plain English instead of Newspeak, then the entire narrative falls apart under the slightest scrutiny.

While the hawks we're screaming Assad must go and Syria should be balkanized  and drumming up public support for their 'humanitarian intervention' through the likes of White Helmets propaganda videos, they forgot about all those other countries where they could be promoting freedom and democracy like Egypt, which has been ruled by a military Junta, who 'kills his own people', since the 2013 coup, or Saudi Arabia, which has been ruled by an absolute monarchy, who kills his own people, since it was formed, or in the Kingdom of Bahrain, where a despotic Sunni regime invites Saudi troops to help them repress democratic protests, or Vietnam, which still languishes under the heal of totalitarian communism. Maybe we need a second Vietnam war to promote freedom and democracy.

The House of Saud

This is by far the easiest one to spot. Riyadh beheads twice as many people as ISIS, and usually for imaginary crimes like sorcery and homosexuality. Add to this the fact that Saudi Arabia is an absolute monarchy that imposes sharia on its subjects, at sword point, and that they are in the process of  murdering Yemeni civilians, its not hard to see how Saudi Arabia is ripe for a color revolution. Of course, as long as they prop up the petrodollar system setting oil prices in dollars and recycling those dollars through treasury bonds (some 750,000,000,000 USD worth) and U.S. defense contractors like Textron Systems, General Dynamics and Boeing, they will remain in good standing with the

Abdel Fattah al-Sisi

After seizing power in a 2013 coup, al-Sisi has never restrained his security forces and army, both under his command, from silencing opposition through brute force. His goons have crushed freedom of speech, expression, assembly and the press through mass murder, indefinite detentions, military trials of civilians, and the false arrests of protestors or anyone who dares criticize him, even high school students. Some 124 Egyptians died in detention, from August 2013 to 2015, as a result of medical negligence and torture perpetrated by his security forces. And as a result of his edict expanding military court jurisdiction over all public facilities, some 2300 civilians have been sentenced in military tribunals. Of course none of his atrocities have discouraged Washington from providing his regime with billions in military aid (about 1.3 billion annually) and crowd control weapons.

The Vietnamese Communist Party

Yet another repressive government that receives Obozo's flattering support, in more ways than one; not only has he lifted the arms embargo against and promoted a TTP partnership with Vietnam, they also receive $122,000,000 in foreign aid from Washington. The Vietnamese Communist Party, which control a political monopoly with an iron fist, like their ideological brethren in North Korea, meet the slightest dissent with indefinite detention, imprisonment and sometimes death. The Communist state enslaves its own people through labor camps, where drug offenders, who are not even given a jury trial, are forced to work without compensation, and are often beaten and starved if they fail to meet daily quotas.

Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa

Bahrain, like Saudi Arabia, is a Sunni monarchy, and yet another Washington ally that responds to political dissent with brute force. Freedom of speech, expression, association, and assembly are all non-existent there. The government conducts internet censorship and sets up check points where security forces search citizens' phones. Even dissent on social media is met with indefinite detention, often torture, and sometimes capital punishment. During the 2011 'Arab Spring' the government called on the Saudi military to help them suppress democratic protests by the Shiite majority. But none of the state's atrocities have discouraged Washington from providing them with 11.9 million in foreign aid, even as the regime continues to imprison Shiite protesters for thought crimes.


Out of all the despots and dictators Washington supports, they wouldn't have to invade even one of them to make them embrace greater 'freedom and democracy' in their own countries; they could use economic coercion to make them comply with the UN Declaration of Human Rights, so there's really no excuse.

The real motive for ousting Assad is not 'humanitarianism', a shoddy veil that is easily seen through. The real motive is to isolate Iran and maintain Israel's nuclear monopoly in the region, just like the real motive for the war against Qaddafi was not 'humanitarianism', like the talking heads of msm would have you believe, but to prevent him from creating a gold backed pan-African currency and keep francophone Africa dependent on neocolonialist institutions like the IMF and World Bank. This narrative, unlike the 'humanitarian intervention' narrative, is corroborated by known facts; the fact that both Saudi Arabia and Bahrain are regional rivals of Iran makes them convenient allies (the enemy of my enemy is my friend) and thus clients of the U.S. defense industry.